5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Secure Your WordPress Site

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients contact me after something has happened to their WordPress site.

Perhaps it had the “white screen of death”. Sometimes they have all kinds of error codes on top of their screen. Or even worse they had a malware infection!

Here are 5 simple things you can do today to secure your WordPress site today:

  1. Have a reliable backup option on your site. My personal favorite backup plugin is a premium plugin called BackupBuddy! It is so easy to use and they have great documentation. With your purchase you get some free storage and scheduled backups you can send to remote storage! Schedule your backups and forget about it! This is important because if something does happen you will have a recent backup. I had a client who contacted me two years after I created his site. He had major problems with it AND he had no new backups. His hosting company had no backups. Thankfully I had a backup for him from two years prior so he salvaged some of his site but lost all of his changes and additions he had made in the last two years. Don’t make this mistake! Back up!!
  2. Make frequent updates to WordPress, your theme, and your plugins. However of course before you do this make sure you do a backup 🙂  I recommend you schedule one day each month to just login and do these updates. All of my clients (thankfully it’s only a few) who have had malware hadn’t updated their sites regularly. I offer a service for WordPress maintenance that includes backups and updates if you are interested in having me take care of this task for you. You can contact me here.
  3. Don’t use the default “admin” username. When you install WordPress the default username that is set up is called admin. I strongly recommend one of the first things you do is to add a new administrator login and then delete the “admin” one.
  4. Don’t use the default login /wp-login.php. Have your web designer update this login URL for you! This helps keep out hackers because it’s harder to find your login URL. Not impossible of course – but harder!
  5. Pick a SECURE password that you don’t use anywhere else. This one might sound too easy – but believe me it needs to be said. Don’t share your password with someone you don’t trust. A secure password is not password123 or your name with 123 or something that can be guessed! Use capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols! I also recommend you update this password every 6 months or so.

Although there are lots of other ways to secure your WordPress website as well, these 5 tips should help get you started!!

If you need any help be sure to contact me.

Rachel Muraca
WordPress Web Designer
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Website Creation – Up to the Pros?

I’ve been in this business long enough to hear the inevitable ending of two common stories when it comes to website creation…

Story 1: My Friend Will Build My Website

This story goes something like this…

“Someone I know from ____ says that they do web design for fun and that they’ll only charge me $300 to create my website.”

Or the really good friend offers it for FREE. Even better you think. I’m going to have an awesome website for free!

I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to stay next… two common phrases come to mind:

“You get exactly what you pay for”
“If it sounds too good to be true it IS too good to be true”

After working with hundreds of clients over the years I have found that approximately 95% of the time the “friend building my website” ends in serious disappointment. The website doesn’t convey the value or quality that is necessary to truly stand out or sell your services well. It ultimately looks unprofessional and does nothing to bring you business.

Your site never goes live

Guess what happens to the friend who will do it for free? They have xyz going on…but then their kid gets the flu. After that it might be “sorry work is so busy”. You might here “it’s the holiday time”.  Before you know it six months has gone by but you are not any closer to going live.

When someone is creating a website for nothing or very little to nothing your website becomes the last priority in their life. 

Story 2: I’m Going to Try to Create My Own Website

If you are very comfortable with HTML, CSS and PHP then by all means YES you can give it a try. If you don’t know what those three things are I can almost guarantee that you are not going to be able to create a professional website. I have seen lots of really bad and really good websites. 99% of the time I can tell that a client created the site on their own.

I understand how tempting it is to try and cut costs in business…

Remember that your website truly is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your business. If a potential client comes to your website and it looks average, cheap, or simply doesn’t showcase your expertise, this can actually deter them from calling and therefore become a major obstacle to your growth. Yes they are judging the book by the cover, just as you do when you visit other websites.

Here is what I tell my clients. If you look at your website as it is now, would you be intrigued to pick up the phone and call? Would you fill out that consultation form or would you buy that product? Critique your own website – you know what is wrong with it!

At first, I was apprehensive in choosing an outside web designer for my new website as I was planning to design my website myself and was worried about cost. Looking back, I could have never come close to creating the site Rachel built. Her services were a great investment for my business. Not only did Rachel make my vision for the site a reality, but she was patient, responsive and professional throughout the entire process. She listened to my needs for the site and ensured I was satisfied with the end product. Additionally, I know Rachel is accessible if I have any questions in the future. It was a true pleasure working with Rachel and her team, and I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to build a personalized and professional website.
~ Joe Zagame,

How much time will you waste?

I have taken over the website design for many small business owners who spent hours and hours trying to design their own site, but eventually gave up because they could not get it to look the way they want. Just recently I took over a project that someone had been working on their own for THREE years.

When I talk to business owners I cannot stress the importance of a strong professional website enough! If there is one thing you should spend money on in your business it is your website! In our “day and age” your potential clients/customers are looking for you online.

A Professional Web Designer Matters

Many web designers do not looking at the design process through the lens of marketing and client attraction. Most designers are technicians who will basically do whatever you tell them to do–no more and no less. We incorporate many elements that make your website much more effective as a marketing tool.  The bottom line is that you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your website, as it will literally make or break your business for years to come. What may be cheaper up front may cost you MUCH more down the road!

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Rachel Muraca
WordPress Web Designer
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