What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (also know for short as a VA), is an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, and personal assistance to clients virtually on an as needed basis. Clients tend to be entrepreneurs and other small business owners such as coaches, realtors, authors, alternative healthcare practitioners, and freelancers. The type of work offered by Virtual Assistants vary quite a bit.

Virtual Assistants work from their own offices. They do not have set hours and have flexible schedules. Communication between a client and virtual assistant occurs via the phone, email and video conference such as Skype. A Virtual Assistant is a contractor NOT an employee. Some Virtual Assistants work on a retainer. Others work only the hours you need. It depends on the type of work you are needing and the Virtual Assistant’s personal preference.

What Rate do Virtual Assistants Charge?

Virtual Assistants’ hourly rate varies greatly depending on the skill level of the person, experience and project needed. Generally for basic administrative things (client management, billing, newsletter, social media) you can expect to pay $35-$60/hour.

For more advanced work like website maintenance / design, search engine optimization, internet marketing you can expect to pay $100-$150/hour. Many Virtual Assistants do offer a project rate or at the minimum an estimated amount of time for a particular project so that you can properly budget.

A Virtual Assistant can provide you with feedback, ideas, and help you implement them into your business (possibly in ways you didn’t even think of).  Remember, Virtual Assistants are also small business owners and know what is involved in running a successful small business.

I am a fairly unique Virtual Assistant because I provide administrative support and technical skills that other Virtual Assistants provide, however I also design and maintain websites, am knowledgeable in internet marketing and search engine optimization. The comprehensive nature of my services is why all of my clients consider me to be an important asset and a key to their business success.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?


Domain and hosting account registration
Website Maintenance
Wordpress Websites
Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Blog Marketing
Blogging: setting up blogs and optimizing


Shopping Cart Management
Order Management
Affiliate Programs


Direct Mail Campaigns
Blog Marketing
Social Media Networking
Facebook Ads
Article Submission
Press Releases
Help with product development
*please contact me for more marketing specifics*

Personal Assistance:

Scheduling Clients
Appointment Reminders
Setting up an online calendar
Sending flowers/gifts
Manage Email Accounts
Computer tutoring



Data Processing:

Database Management
Document/File conversions
Internet research
Word Processing
Power Points

Customer/Client Services:

Verbal and written communication
Referral programs
Email Management

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