Wordpress Website Design Testimonials

I’ve never had any experience designing a website before and Rachel made the process very easy for me. She helped make sure I chose the right theme for me and all along listened to all my input and really put my vision into reality. After the initial design draft, there was a lot of back-and-forth and she was very helpful tweaking everything to just the way I wanted. I am confident that my business “storefront” is what I want it to be! I would highly recommend Rachel for anyone seeking out a designer who is good at what she does, responsive and really invested in getting your vision out into a final product. And she’s really easy to work with too!

Jim Marroccohttps://www.thinkingbigfinancial.com

Rachel has provided me with the most powerful business tool to make my acupuncture practice thrive, my beautiful and professional website! I have been in practice for over twenty years and have tried to create my own websites from time to time, never with much success. After moving to a new location I found myself needing to start over and build my practice again from scratch, and my business coach referred me to Rachel because he said she would know how to walk me through each and every step I would need. He was right. 

With Rachel’s expertise and care I now have an elegant and powerfully effective website that is drawing in many new patients because of the seamless SEO compatibility. Rachel has spent time listening to me, letting me choose the theme and colors while always willing to offer her expert advise. She is highly skilled and has patiently walked me through the entire process so that I can now post my own blogs and upload my own videos as I need. With Rachel’s business savvy, organization, and expertise, it is clear that she was dedicated to my vision and message that I wanted to create from the moment we met. I cannot thank her enough for launching my practice in no time at all!

Cally Huttarwww.lotusleafacupuncture.com

At first, I was apprehensive in choosing an outside web designer for my new website as I was planning to design my website myself and was worried about cost. Looking back, I could have never come close to creating the site Rachel built. Her services were a great investment for my business.

Not only did Rachel make my vision for the site a reality, but she was patient, responsive and professional throughout the entire process. She listened to my needs for the site and ensured I was satisfied with the end product. Additionally, I know Rachel is accessible if I have any questions in the future.

It was a true pleasure working with Rachel and her team, and I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to build a personalized and professional website

Joseph Zagamehttps://mytherapynyc.com/

Rachel is a really talented web designer and is fabulous to work with. She designed my very first website and I’m thrilled with it.

I had no previous experience with web design (or starting a business!) so I was understandably a little nervous at the start of the process. I had a myriad of questions, but Rachel was always patient and helpful – explaining anything I was unsure about. Thanks to Rachel I now feel much more confident in my ability to maintain my website and use it in the most effective way possible.

I feel that having a professional quality website will help me build my Amma Therapy practice quickly. I feel so grateful that I found Rachel. I have a feeling that the insights I’ve gathered from working with her will save me a lot of headaches in the future.

John Merminhttp://johnmermin.com/

Working with Rachel was great! I spent years trying to create a website on my own and in no time at all Rachel created a beautiful, functional site. I have gotten more calls since it launched and way more of my calls convert to clients just based on what they see on the site. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Shiloh Butkiwww.michiganrolfing.com

Words will not do justice to just how much I enjoyed working with Rachel on my new website. Her process was professional, thorough, and at completion, I feel like I got an incredible value for what I paid. The site and its functionality came out so much better than I had dreamed. This woman knows what she is doing! I was so appreciative of the follow-up call after the site was done to explain fully what my site was capable of and how to keep it going strong. I highly recommend Rachel Muraca for all your website needs.

Erin Tracywww.empowerwellness.com

Rachel helped me redo my website and she was truly amazing.

I can imagine that I wasn’t the easiest client to work with in that I didn’t really know what I wanted going into it… That is until I’d see something I didn’t like and knew how I wanted it done differently…. Rachel graciously made all the changes I requested, even the little “no one will notice but me” details. And I can honestly say that I’m 100% happy with how my website turned out. There were a couple of times when I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do and Rachel confidently made recommendations, which I appreciated so much. 

She also has a clear understanding of both Internet marketing and web design, which I think is rare to find in a web designer. She taught me a lot in our exit interview on how to move forward with blogging, how to improve my SEO, and other ideas to grow my business.

She’s now my go to for anything web related that’s over my head and when the time comes for me to redo my website (which hopefully won’t be for a while), she’s the first person I’ll call. So, if you’re considering her for your website, I highly recommend her. She’s great!

Erin Kenningwww.nolafamilyacupuncture.com

I absolutely LOVE the website and am so excited for what comes next! It has been a process for me and I have to say that the on piece of advice I offer other small businesses, especially those in my field, is to not skimp on the website. I had been watching Kevin and Rachel’s work for about two years and used a web person that was in my BNI group that offered me a lower rate for building my website. That was the BIGGEST mistake I have made in my business thus far. Not only did I spend double, but my website has not been fully functioning or working for me in the last 1 year+ (which costs even more money in lost business.) There is a huge difference between someone who can program and build a website versus someone that knows how to design an astethically pleasing, highly functioning website with top notch SEO. I am grateful for where I am today, but wow, was that a big lesson learned!

Heather Kettnerwww.kirklandacupunctureclinic.com

Working with Rachel was great! I had tried to build my own website from one of those do it yourself companies but, I was never satisfied with my results, it never looked quite right and google didn’t pay much attention to it. Rachel built me a website that easily converts viewers into paying customers and google loves the website! As soon as it went live I instantly climbed in the google rankings and my phone began to ring more and more. My only regret is that I didn’t call her sooner.

Patrick Yoerger L.Ac.http://www.iowacityacupunctureclinic.com

I LOVED working with Rachel. From our first meeting, I told her everything I was looking for; my style, the layout, and what was important to me.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got the first draft of my website, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  A lot changed for me, regarding the website, during the time we were working together. Rachel was so helpful at implementing those changes and with her expertise in this field, she was able to guide me when I got stuck regarding important decisions. I highly recommend Rachel and her services.

Beth Dorseyhttp://www.pointsforwellness.com
Rachel designed a website for me and it has transformed my chiropractic & acupuncture practice.  We are now getting more new patients than ever before from the internet.  Rachel does an amazing job at listening to your needs, making your website unique and including you in the entire process.  She is extremely personal and you will love working with her.
In the past, I had used a template based website, which looked like many of the other surrounding practices.  I got tired of paying a monthly fee for little value.  This process was a custom job to fit my needs and increase awareness of my practice.
Thank you Rachel!!!
Dr. Ben Dohrmannhttp://www.DohrmannChiropractic.com

Working with Rachel was a pleasure. She really understood what I was looking for in my website, and I was so impressed even when I saw the first draft of the website she created for me. She understood the color themes and the layout I wanted perfectly. She really took the time to make all the changes I wanted and didn’t publish the site until I was happy with it. Even on our training call she really took the time to explain everything. Rachel really cares about her clients success through their website. Thank you so much Rachel for my beautiful website!

Dr. Ramona Charikahttp://www.naturopathforcalgary.com

What a wonderful experience working with Rachel on designing my website! I was very impressed with her passion and knowledge of website design and marketing. Every step of the way was very organized and detailed so I knew what I needed to do. She offers incredible resources to help you with your website, SEO and marketing and explains things very clearly in writing and verbally. I feel she did an excellent job in creating a visually pleasing and functional website for my practice—and at a reasonable price!

Jean Drummondhttp://thewellnesspotential.com/

Rachel is a trusted partner who is a valuable member of my business team.  Not only does Rachel have excellent expertise in website development and design, but she also brings a wealth of insight about my consumers experience with my Brand and online presence.  What I appreciate most about partnering with Rachel is her honest and straightforward approach, coupled with her dedication to what is right for me and my business.  Rachel’s “agenda” is my “agenda” and I always trust that her suggestions are in my best interests.  In addition, I appreciated that Rachel put in whatever extra effort I needed to get the outcome I wanted.  I am thrilled with my website and I could not have done it without Rachel’s partnership, guidance and support!  I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel for small business website development.

Beryl Greenberghttp://www.coachberyl.com

I was referred to Rachel by my acupuncture marketing coach.  After looking at her work I was very impressed and decided to hire her to redo my entire website.  Throughout the entire process I was impressed.  The website was done quickly and efficiently and the communication was always open and clear.  On my initial call with Rachel I had an idea of what I wanted my website to look like but I couldn’t visualize the actual design.  On this phone call Rachel said, “I think I know what design you would like.”  Then shortly after she showed me a mock homepage; I was blown away to see that Rachel had designed a webpage that fit me exactly. It was as if she was able to get inside my head and design from my mind!

Throughout the web project Rachel exceeded my expectations in a number of ways; one way was her design technique – she always added a special touch and detail that made all of the difference.  Rachel always got back to me quickly and answered my questions.  I am so grateful to have a website that I love.  The marketing materials were also very helpful; I like the unique concept of a web design team providing education to help me in my business and to help me understand the whole marketing process.

If you are looking for an incredible website design then look no further, Rachel is great!  At first I was apprehensive about the total cost, now I realize it was worth every penny.  I have a website that I love and all of the marketing information and training really helped me to bring my practice to another level.  I highlyrecommend Rachel, she truly has a gift.  Rachel has a unique blend of technical ability, artistic creation, and intuition which is a rare find in a web designer.”

Lori Sibbershttp://www.nowacu.com/

Rachel and her virtual assistant have been the most wonderful web developers we have worked with. In the past I have hired two other companies to work on our website. One used a poorly designed WordPress theme with almost exactly the same content for all their clients, only because ‘it worked well for their clients.’  I also wasn’t aware of their 6 month SEO package that came with the website design when I signed up the package. Their website design was so bad I wanted to cancel the deal but then they argued I had already signed up the contract so I ended up paying 6 months SEO package with a website that didn’t even work the whole time. Such a waste of money. The second Website company was a local one, found it on Yelp.  It made an average website but for some reason the content and images went missing for a few months and were never recovered. The links remained broken for a few months which really affected our Google ranking.  After taking Kevin’s training I decided to sign up for Rachel’s website design. Rachel provided detailed instructions to help us get started. Her virtual assistant was very helpful in answering all our questions. I felt the communication was clear throughout the whole process and they have always tried their best to accommodate all our requests. I am very delighted to have worked with them and very happy with the final outcome. I would highly recommend their services to all alternative medicine practitioners.

David Linhttp://www.1stchoiceacupuncture.com

What Others Say

Hiring Rachel is the best thing I could have done for my company. Her level of professionalism exceeded my expectations-she works with me, offers suggestions for improvement, and is constantly in communication with me. Rachel cares about the success of my business and goes the extra mile to ensure projects are completed according to specifications. When I hand her a project, I know it will be completed before the deadline. She takes all the stress and worry out of my daily operations. I don’t know how I would manage without her.

Business Coach

Hiring Rachel Muraca is the best thing I have ever done for both my business and personal sanity. Her attention to detail, organization, and efficiency continue to amaze me. Rachel’s extensive knowledge and experience has helped me discover the best way to accomplish certain business tasks, and her suggestions have saved me both time and money. Rachel is not just my virtual assistant, she is a key member of my team.


Rachel is all around amazing. I’ve worked with many VA’s and she is the best one I’ve ever worked with. Rachel is detail-oriented, on the ball, pro-active, and gets things done on time. She’s as picky as I am about the details, and that says a lot. Sometimes I feel like she reads my mind and knows what I want and need before I even say it. I can’t say enough positive things about her. I completely trust her.

Career Coach

Rachel has been an incredible asset to my business. Not only has she helped me with a multitude of marketing and administrative tasks, but she has also helped many of my coaching clients as well. Every single person I have referred to Rachel has been more than pleased with her work. Having a virtual assistant, especially someone as skilled as Rachel, is a crucial piece of the success puzzle that every business owner desires. Having her on my team is like hitting the fast forward button to my business success.

Business Coach

Rachel is the absolute BEST virtual assistant I have ever had. She is leaps and bounds above the others I’ve worked with. She is always friendly and upbeat. Rachel gets her work done quickly and efficiently and has always been on time and under budget for projects. Rachel is truly an integral part of the team we’ve created.

Business Coach

Rachel Muraca is an amazing virtual assistant. I have worked with her now for over 2 years and I always am confident that the tasks I assign to her will come back quickly and accurately. She is organized, can multi-task extremely well, and is competent in many different software programs. Rachel has worked with me in every aspect of my business ranging from creating and maintaining my websites, to database management, helping create marketing materials, my bookkeeping, and much more. I would highly recommend her services as she has been an important asset to my business.